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Services officiated for U.S. military personnel within our local area are complimentary. Outside our home area or for renewal of vows ceremonies we provide a discount, just call us for information. We recognize your sacrifice and we thank you!

Licensing and other information specifically for military couples

Your completed marriage license must be returned to the county in the state where it was issued. You can obtain your license from any Kentucky or Indiana county clerk's office. Once the completed license is returned, that county clerk will send your marriage certificate to you by mail. That method can take as long as a month. You'll receive a temporary certificate when the ceremony is performed.

If you obtain your license outside our local area, we suggest you hand-carry it back to the originating clerk's office and request 2 certified copies there. The service member will need one copy for the military, and the new spouse will want one for additional proof of the marriage until the official certificate arrives.

Brandenburg, Meade County, local area particulars

If you get your license in Brandenburg, Meade County, the ladies at our clerk's office can normally process the paperwork while you wait. You'll be able to take certified copies of your completed license with you when you leave if you request them. These are sufficient as proof of marriage for legal purposes without having to wait on the decorative marriage certificate sent to you by the State. You'll need your driver's license for ID. The license fee is under $40.00.

You'll need to obtain your marriage license prior to your ceremony. If you need to get your license and have your ceremony performed on the same day, you should plan on getting to the courthouse early. The Meade county clerk's office opens at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday and close at 4:30 PM. On Thursdays they're open until 6:30 PM. Saturday hours were eliminated at the first of the year. Holiday hours vary, so we recommend calling them at (270) 422-2152 if you have any questions.

There is a "One-Stop" facility at Ft. Knox where dependent ID's can be issued, and any other enrollments involving the military can be taken care of at the same time. There are also Social Security offices nearby in Elizabethtown and Louisville where the new spouse can apply for their new social security card, if needed, for the name change. With your certified copy of the wedding license and your confirmation letter for the name change from the Social Security office, the spouse's new drivers license can be issued at your local clerk's office.

There are several nice places to perform a ceremony near the courthouse and we can help with pictures before, during and after the ceremony with your camera.

If you use a personal GPS device, cellphone application or a mapping website for directions to the Meade County courthouse, use this address to put you at the front door: 100 Court House Drive, Brandenburg, KY 40108.

DO NOT use the "516 Hillcrest Drive" address if using a cellphone navigation or other GPS app or device. Due to the Enhanced 911 system some street names were changed and have not yet been universally updated so your GPS may give you faulty directions.  We recommend using: 100 Courthouse Drive, Brandenburg, KY 40108. You can always call us for assistance if you get lost.

For military couples requesting services in the Fort Campbell, Kentucky area:

We do not serve that part of the state due to the extensive travel time involved. The base is a 3 hour drive from our home near Ft. Knox. If you need to get married right away, we'll gladly meet you at a location within our home area, or you're welcome to come to our place and have a simple ceremony performed on our farm. As an alternative, we also recommend looking at one of the numerous wedding chapels and officiants in the Nashville and Northern Tennessee area. We don't have anyone there we can refer you to at this time.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.